Alternative Prosecution and Resources

The Office of Alternative Prosecution and Resources Community Partnership Request Form

The Nassau County District Attorney’s (NCDA) Office of Alternative Prosecution and Resources partners with service and treatment providers to address the needs of both crime victims and defendants whose cases are well-suited to alternative prosecution programs.

Crime victims frequently require multi-faceted support, and the NCDA’s office seeks to match victims with these important resources which frequently include therapy, school intervention, relocation assistance, among other things.

Simultaneously, the NCDA’s office has long collaborated with community partners to offer comprehensive alternative prosecution programs that seek to protect public safety and reduce incarceration costs, while offering certain offenders a second chance to become productive and law-abiding members of society. Depending on the nature of the offense, alternative programs may include drug and/or alcohol treatment, community-based program support including education, vocational and job training, and other evidence-based programs that aim to reduce recidivism and promote personal development.

Organizations and OASAS-certified treatment providers are invited to apply to partner with our office to achieve the stated objectives.


To be considered for partnership with our office, program providers must complete this service proposal application.  This is the first step in a comprehensive process of organizational assessment, screening, and performance evaluation.  If you require more space for your responses, please attach additional pages.  However, in any attachment, please list the numbered section to which it is responsive.  All proposals will be reviewed.  Once your application is submitted, we will schedule an appointment for a site visit. Please contact with any inquiries regarding the application process.

The Office of Alternative Prosecution and Resources Partnership Request Form