Assistant District Attorney (Lateral Hiring)


Lateral Hiring Opportunities

The Nassau County District Attorney's (DA) Office is one of the largest district attorney’s offices in the country with more than 200 lawyers and a total staff in excess of 370. Situated on Long Island, immediately to the east of New York City, the office is committed to hiring the most qualified trial, investigative, and appellate attorneys.

Applying as a Lateral

The DA’s Office accepts applications for lateral hires on a rolling basis.  Lateral candidates should submit a cover letter, resume, and completed lateral application packet to the Director of Recruitment, Melissa T. Lewis at

The DA’s Office is structured into several divisions and bureaus.  Lateral candidates should state their preference of assignment (i.e. appellate, investigative, litigation, administration, community relations) in their cover letter. 

If you have questions call (516) 571-3387.

District Attorney Career & Salary Plan

There are yearly salary increases determined by budgetary ability. These increases are based on merit, responsibility, and title.

Job Benefits

Assistant district attorneys receive the following benefits (waiting periods may apply):

13 paid holidays each year

Paid vacation, personal and sick days each year

Availability of contributory medical plans

Availability of deferred compensation plan

Availability of flexible benefits plan for medical and child-care expenses

Availability of childcare leave

Availability of County Credit Union