Prescription Drug Subcommittee


  • Saud Ansari, Five Towns Pharmacy
  • Jamie Bogenshutz, YES Community Counseling Center
  • ADA Rene P. Fiechter, Nassau County District Attorney's Office
    Email Rene P. Fiechter
  • Robert Graham, Divine Concept, LTD
  • Thomas Jan, Massapequa Pain Management
  • Eden Laikin, Director of Governmental Research for the County Executive
    Email Eden Laikin
  • Jenna Montalbano, Alcoholics Anonymous / Narcotics Anonymous
  • Jeffrey Reynolds, LI Council on Alcoholism and Drugs
  • Anthony Rizzuto, Seafield Center
  • Lynsay Satriano, Nassau County District Attorney's Office
  • Gary Shapiro, Nassau County Police Department
  • Scott Skrynecki, Nassau County Department of Social Services
  • Susanne Smoller, Nassau Region PTA
  • Pam Stark, Nassau County Police Department
  • Rick Terenzi, North Shore University, Hospital Drug Treatment and Education
  • Timothy Williams, NC Human Rights / Banco Santandaro


It is the mission of the Prescription Drug Subcommittee to develop practical recommendations to address the problem of prescription drug abuse that can be executed at the County level or to advocate at the State level of government.