Nassau County Department of Probation

Much of the heroin in Nassau and Suffolk originates in Queens and Brooklyn, and one of the goals of County Executive Mangano's Heroin Abuse Location and Targeting initiative is to identify and apprehend those individuals selling the drugs by surveilling known drug users. Nassau Probation is uniquely positioned to facilitate the identification of the surveillance targets. By the end of 2010, approximately 200 probationers abusing heroin or cocaine will have been debriefed by probation officers, and the intelligence shared with NCPD's Lead Development Center. At no time does Probation lose sight of its mission, which is to facilitate public safety by helping offenders avoid further antisocial behavior. We continue to supervise our probationers at the appropriate level and make all indicated treatment or other services referrals.

Community Watch

In March 2010, with the support of the County Executive, District Attorney's Office and county, city and village police, Probation initiated Community Watch, involving teams of probation and police officers conducting fast-moving, off-hours home visits. The goal is to identify probationers at risk of or already engaging in antisocial behavior that may lead to new arrests and/or probation violations - to address small problems before they become big problems. The vast majority of these probationers have significant substance abuse issues. During the first five Community Watch operations, nearly 250 visits were conducted throughout Nassau.