Must I be a U.S. Citizen?

Public Officers Law 3(1) requires that all persons holding civil office be citizens of the United States. Accordingly, U.S. citizenship is required of all Assistant District Attorneys upon commencement of their employment. 

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1. What is the starting salary?
2. How long is the commitment?
3. Do I have to live in New York State?
4. Do I have to live in Nassau County?
5. Must I be a U.S. Citizen?
6. Are references required?
7. Is there a deadline to apply?
8. How many classes do you have a year?
9. When do you perform the background check?
10. What happens if I get an offer from another office/employer and I have not received a decision from the Nassau County District Attorney’s office?
11. Should I apply for the position through On Campus Interview at my school or should I apply directly through your website?
12. If I interned in your office, do I still have to go through all the hiring rounds?
13. Who is eligible to apply for an Entry-Level ADA position?
14. Must I have taken the most recent Bar Examination?