What is the SANE Unit?

The Sane Unit is a separate unit in the Emergency Departments of both Nassau University Medical Center (NUMC), and Northwell Health at North Shore University Hospital at Manhasset, specifically designed for interviewing, examining, treating, counseling and comforting adult victims of sexual assault. It consists of a private entrance, sitting room, examination room and bathroom, including shower.

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1. What is SANE?
2. What is the SANE Unit?
3. Who supports the SANE Unit?
4. Who can use the SANE Unit?
5. How does someone get to the SANE Unit?
6. When does the Unit operate?
7. What happens at the SANE Unit?
8. What are your options?
9. Do I have to go through the examination alone?
10. What is a forensic nurse?
11. Do I have to prosecute the offender if I use the SANE Center?
12. What fees will be charged to patients who use the Unit?
13. Who will have access to medical records or evidence collected?
14. Where would I take a child who has been raped or sexually assaulted?